jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Azrath XI – The Shrine ov all Hallucination [2011]

Country: Italy
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Format: mp3 | 280kbps
Size: 124 Mb


01- Even The Gods Can Deny Our Solemnity (Intro)
02- Ov Stormblades And Waracle
03- Imposing My Will
04- Anti
05- Aeonic Mouth Ov Prophecy (Intermezzo)
06- Under The Third Moon Oracle
07- The Omnipotent Paradigm
08- Where Memories Fade To Tragedies
09- …And Reclaim The Voice Ov The Ancients…
10- In Imperial Remembrance
11- The Shrine Ov All Hallucinations
12- Humanitas Detestabilis
13- Trails To NothingnessThe Epilogue

File size:124.39 MB

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